What our students are saying:

Instructor really invested in keeping the class interested and focused.

Jorge G.,

I enjoyed Vivek very much. Attending an ILT helped me comprehend the content better. The computer was challenging, inconsistently allowing internet access. Brandon was great! He was attentive and effectively addressed all questions/concerns. This was a great experience!

Nancy B.,

Great class! Instructor was very knowledgeable and insightful. Really have added a skillset to my repertoire.

Jorge G.,

Another extremely knowledgeable instructor. Great cover of a challenging topic. Very enjoyable!

Nancy B.,

I enjoyed the banter with the instructor and other students to help answer questions I may not have otherwise been able to get answer or explanation for.


I enjoyed the class and my knowledge was enhanced due to suggested tips and strategies. I am looking forward to further preparation and taking the exam.

Nesha C.,

This is a challenging, interesting and applicable course that compliments the project management suite nicely. I would definitely recommend it!

Debra P.,

This course will benefit me in finding more work and being able to marketing myself better in the workforce.

Amy M.,

I enrolled in Directions Training in August 2018.  I diligently researched trades through the WIOA program to start a new lucrative career.  I saw that e-learning was projected to grow with the increase of distance/adult learning.  I knew that I wanted to impact people but now in the back end of learning.  I researched training centers, I even went to an audit class and one location but was misled and there was no class, nor the director was there!  I called Directions Training and left a message and someone expeditiously called me back!  She was very helpful and made me feel comfortable about the career path I wanted to take.  I worked with my WIOA provider and less than a week later I was in class downtown Chicago learning HTML5/CSS, Photoshop and Captivate!!!! I just wrapped all of my classes a little over a week ago!  It was quick but I can honestly say I learned more in 6 weeks than I have at traditional Universities.  Why?  Because Directions keeps their class sizes small and you actually apply while learning.  No Theory! All Application!!! I was actually the only student in my Captivate class which gave me the opportunity to build a great relationship with my instructor.  Directions provides the student the manual to applications used in class.  Also they provide refresher courses for up to a year, career counseling, limited period of applications used in class that one can you for their career and practice.  Oh and they provided the students with a $200.00 check for anything.  This check helped me buy a new computer that is robust to handle the applications. Oh yea, you also get access to complimentary courses like PowerPoint and Excel which helps a lot because you may need to master these things to be a stronger candidate in the market.  Directions provided lunch at every class downtown which helped save a lot of money! Directions has made me a Creative-Tech!!! Yipeee!!! The Cherry on top?  I was offered a remote/paid internship position because the company was impressed with the applications I was actually applying hands on from Directions Training.  I highly recommend Directions Training to anyone that is ready to not only fly but soar!!!!

Andrea D.,

I first learned about Directions through Kim Manzuck at a job fair I attended last year 2017. From the moment I met her she was so helpful and knowledgeable, that it completely shifted my mindest from what I couldn’t do, to what i could do. This February, I was forced to make a decision to attend Directions or another school. Ultimately, I chose Directions because Kim listened to me and my goals and gave me what I wanted, plus more. She is very knowledgeable on industry trends and certifications that will ensure success in the workforce. I am very satisfied with the education and the service Directions have provided, and I will recommend it to anyone looking to transition into a professional role. ***Advice for new students*** Directions will provide you directions and a curriculum that will guarantee success. But as the student, you have to do the work. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, they will be happy to help you. Develop the disposition of a professional and you will be a success in no time. Happy Learning! 🙂

Marken W.,

I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Directions, with Kim and the entire team. I have taken the PMP, Scrum Master, and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt with them to date. Each class was unique and superb. I passed each of the certification tests first try. The communications with Directions has been continuous and helpful, puzzling though my specific situation and needs. Directions provided a custom program for me and was very accommodating when my timing slipped due to personal issues.

Dave was an inspiring teacher for PMP, full of experience and funny to keep the 5 day class lively. Lonnie for Scrum Master was so full of energy that it was contagious, putting a smile on everyone’s faces. Francisco was serious about his class, caring that everyone do their best to pass the test. Kim and her team took the classes themselves so they could tell me first hand what to expect and what to do to be more successful. I interviewed 3 training centers with my husband who also took the same classes but on a different schedule since our WIOA funding came at different times. Hands down, Directions was the most knowledgeable about the classes they offered, down to the details of the class content and how the class was conducted. Other training centers had weekend dates or evening classes, but I wanted a very corporate setting (Monday to Friday 8a to 5p, in a modern facility with formal presenters) to force myself to put 100% of my efforts into the class to maximize my chances of passing the tests. The LaSalle training center in Chicago had breakfast and lunch provided every day with the smell of fresh baked chocolate cookies in the afternoon on most days, making me look forward every day. I really enjoyed the classes, feeling inspired to take the tests. I felt like Directions was part of my personal team to prepare me for a new job with the new credentials that I desperately needed to compete in the current job market. I am so glad that my husband and I chose Directions.

Gloria F.,

My experience with Directions has been incredible – starting with Kimberly! She did a fabulous job understanding what I needed and assisted in scheduling the courses in the proper sequence. She also made sure I understood the classes options – remote via webx or in classroom. Great Job!!!

One of their teachers – Dave Rice. He does a GREAT JOB at preparing the students to take the PMP test, along with providing real life experiences to draw upon during test. I followed his directions on preparing for the test.  As he says “the test is not hard, but requires a lot of hard work”. That phrase sums up what it takes to pass the exam. Thanks again Dave!!

Kevin Z.,

For more information, contact our Director of WIOA Programs at WIOA@directionstraining.com or call 630.326.8454.