Microsoft Excel is an indispensable business tool regardless of the industry you belong to. Whether it is contact organization and communication, budgeting, creating charts or a variety of financial-related features, Excel is a powerful and multi-functional program that has become the standard in the business world.

We recognize the vitality of having a working knowledge of Excel for most professionals today, though it should be noted that stronger Excel skills can create even more opportunities whether for your own professional growth or the one of your company. This is why we have created multiple Microsoft Excel courses that are tailored to different needs and objectives of our diverse student body.

Aside from the Essential Microsoft Excel training that we offer, Advanced and Expert level training is available as well for those who wish to gain an even deeper understanding of the program.

The Advanced level course will cover a variety of topics including how to:

  • create and use advanced formulas

  • analyze data

  • organize worksheet data with tables

  • visualize data with charts

  • insert graphics

  • enhance workbooks

Expert level will take our students a step further and equip them with the necessary skills to:

  • automate worksheet functionality

  • audit worksheets

  • work with multiple workbooks

  • export Excel data

  • import and export XML data

It takes a knowledgeable computer user to best experience the wide and varied advantages Excel can offer. Whether you are just getting acquainted with the software or wanting to enhance your skills, Directions Training has provided courses to fit your needs.


Author: Marko Lazović