How do you learn best? Blended learning solutions are quickly gaining popularity in a world where on-demand is becoming a regular part of life. But what is blended learning? For decades, traditional learning was done over a period of multiple days, in-person, and classroom-based, which required adjusting your schedule to fit when the class was being run, traveling to wherever it was being held, and being away from your responsibilities for as long as it took. By contrast, blended learning combines the best of the various training modalities in order to provide the amount of training you need in a way that fits how you learn best and that is most convenient with your schedule, not the other way around. Directions Training’s Learning as a Service (LaaS) platform is a key component of blended learning. LaaS provides a vast amount of learning content in concise, easy to consume videos that enable you to quickly learn a new task whenever you have time throughout your day. This delivery model, combined with shorter 1-2 day Virtual Instructor-Led Training, offers the flexibility of training on your schedule, while still providing you with instructor interaction when you need it.

Our Learning as a Service platform covers training in the following categories:

  • Azure Skills

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Big Data

  • Cloud Administration

  • Data Science

  • DevOps

  • Entry Level Software Development

  • Front End Web Development

  • IT Support

  • Microsoft 365

Features and Benefits of LaaS:

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