Why Microsoft Azure for IT in the Cloud

As of 2018, Microsoft Azure is currently being utilized by over 85% of all Fortune 500 companies and software subscriptions are continuing to increase each month. Of the current cloud platforms available, Azure supports the broadest selection of devices, operating systems, languages, and databases, making it a faster and more comprehensive solution that provides customers a gradual learning curve without any complex workarounds.

Azure Discussion & Demo Training

Azure is constantly changing, releasing updates and adding features nearly every day to meet customer needs. Keeping up with Azure developments has become a full-time job. To make this process easier on busy IT pros, Directions Training offers a monthly “drop-in” session dedicated exclusively to unpacking and demonstrating Azure updates.

Join us once a month to review newly released Azure updates and explore recent changes. This discussion learning group is led by Directions’ Microsoft Azure Certified training experts and is designed to offer cloud-computing professionals a reliable source of information that helps them navigate the constantly changing landscape of Azure.

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