• Home Building Materials Manufacturer-teams-case-study

Home Building Materials Manufacturer Teams Case Study

Overview: In November of 2018, a home building materials manufacturer was migrating to a new phone system that would be utilizing Microsoft Teams. In order to ensure a high user adoption rate, the systems integrator working with the organization partnered with Directions Training to provide [...]

  • airline-holding-company-teams-case-study

Publicly Traded Airline Holding Company Teams Case Study

Overview: With a Microsoft Teams migration coming, the company needed to get their admin team members technical training on the platform so they could train their end-users to use the platform to its fullest potential. # of End-Users Trained: 10 Training Solution Included: 1-Day Dedicated [...]

  • financial-institution-teams-case-study

Financial Institution Teams Case Study

Overview: The institution migrated its organization from Slack & Google apps to Microsoft Teams and needed to train their employees on how to best utilize Teams. # of End-Users Trained: 300 Training Solution Included: Comprehensive Training Program for Core Personnel and Newly Acquired Subsidiaries Live, [...]

  • energy-corp-teams-case-study

Fortune 500 Energy Corporation Teams Case Study

Overview: The organization completed a company-wide migration to Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, OneNote, and Skype. To ensure user adoption, they needed a comprehensive training program for their office personnel and remote workers that covered each platform. # of End-Users Trained: 2,000 Training Solution Included: Onsite Instructor-Led [...]

  • industrial supply company teams case study

Fortune 500 Industrial Supply Company Teams Case Study

Overview: After making a large investment in Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft 365 workloads, the company wanted to ensure their users were effectively utilizing the platforms. Directions helped them secure additional funding from Microsoft’s End Customer Investment Funds (ECIF) program, so they could provide their [...]

  • global-oil-gas-company-teams-case-study

Global Oil & Gas Company Teams Case Study

Overview: The organization had recently migrated to Microsoft Teams and wanted to show their global workforce how to best utilize the platform. With a previous technology investment in Microsoft SharePoint Online and OneDrive, the company also wanted to increase the overall user adoption rate of [...]

  • plastic-fabrication-company-teams-case-study

Plastic Fabrication Company Case Study

Overview: With users located in North America, Mexico, Canada, and Puerto Rico, M Holland needed a customized training solution that would successfully increase the user adoption rate of Microsoft Teams with their global workforce. # of End-Users Trained: 335 Training Solution Included: Onsite Instructor-Led Training [...]


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