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Power BI is really two separate programs. One implementation is the Power BI Desktop where in-depth Data Manipulation, Analysis and Reporting Operations are created and the second is the Power BI Service which enables Power BI Publishing to both the Enterprise and Internet Cloud. They work together to provide an unparalleled analysis and reporting experience.

The Power BI Desktop application is the tool used to perform the all-important Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) operations. Most of the editing of Power BI Presentations is done with the Power BI Desktop application where unlimited customization and reporting is performed.

The Power BI Service provides a limited design surface and almost unlimited source for exposing End User Analysis and Reporting to the local Enterprise, The Power BI Cloud, and Network Shares.

The most obvious difference between the two programs is that the Power BI Desktop program is a cost-free download from the Microsoft site and incurs no expense for its usage. Power BI Service subscribers pay a small monthly fee ($9.95) for a Power BI Professional subscription that enables larger targeting opportunities. Microsoft offers a free trial of Professional subscription to smooth the integration of the two parts of Power BI.

Foster Collaboration Among Every User in Every Role

  • Build Analyses and Reports for colleagues with Desktop and share Insights with other Power BI Pro users across the Enterprise with the Power BI Service.
  • Directly connect to your Data Sources – on premises or in the Cloud, Real-time and Streaming.
  • Query Data Models in Natural Language, and experience Predictive Visualizations as you type.
  • Create Custom Visuals or choose from more than 100 professionally – designed visuals courtesy of the Power BI community.
  • Use the Quick Insights feature to uncover Predictive Patterns, Associations, and Trends hidden in your data.

Publish and Consume Content Anywhere

  • Discover and Distribute Insights Anytime, Anywhere, on Any device with just a few clicks.  And when it’s time to massively scale – add flexibility with Power BI Premium Dedicated Resources (not to be confused with Power BI Professional)
  • Create Reports in Power BI and do even more with Power BI Desktop.
  • Access Power BI from any Device with the native Power BI Mobile app to easily annotate reports and keep your team informed while on the go.
  • Distribute pre-built Dashboards and Reports from your organization or popular service providers like QuickBooks Online or
  • Share with people and businesses – both inside and outside of the Enterprise.

Self Service-Analysis and Reporting Safely

  • Manage User Access and Security in one central location. No more wrangling business intelligence solutions scattered throughout different teams across your organization.
  • Control access Securely by user with Role-specific insights and Row-level Security.
  • Conform with Regulations on service delivery, Data Residency, Access, and Control. and certifications. Power BI is now available in three separate National Clouds (China, Germany and US). Safeguard your data while meeting Stringent Industry Compliance Standards
  • Use Built-in Azure Active Directory (AAD) to Authenticate users, along with Power BI login credentials to Access Resources.

Power BI Premium:
Designed from the ground up to address the challenges of large enterprise deployments and demanding workloads. A new service architecture was created to optimize for these enterprise scenarios, including the ability for organizations to serve many “Readers” — who simply need to view and explore dashboards and reports — in a cost-effective manner and without needing to license each user individually.

Power BI Report Server:
Is an on-premises report server with a web portal in which you display and manage reports and KPIs. Along with it come the tools to create Power BI reports, paginated reports, mobile reports, and KPIs. Your users can access those reports in different ways: viewing them in a web browser or mobile device, or as an email in their in-box.

Power BI for Office 365:
Is a cloud-based suite of business analytics tools that enables anyone to connect to, visualize, and analyze data with greater speed, efficiency, and understanding. It connects users to a broad range of live data through easy-to-use dashboards, provides interactive reports, and delivers compelling visualizations that bring data to life. Power BI is currently available as part of the Office 365 Enterprise E5 version.

To compare features across plans, see Compare Office 365 for Business plans.

Power BI Version Comparison

Power BI Service options

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