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Directions Training has been successfully educating IT and business professionals worldwide since 1991. One of Directions Training's goals is to provide ongoing high quality IT and software education and training. It is for that reason that Directions Training created this software information resource portal. information resource portal.

Creating Command Notification Channels and Subscriptions

December 5, 2014 By Directions Training
On occasion, it may be necessary for a SCOM administrator to perform a specific action when an alert is detected. This can be accomplished by launching a custom script after an alert is detected. This can be all executable scripts or programs. In my particular case I’m …

Installing a Windows Server 2012 Domain Controller

November 24, 2014 By Directions Training
Many of our current customers are still running Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Domain Controllers and they are looking to replace these servers with Windows Server 2012 Domain Controllers to utilize the new features…

5 Minute Look at a Windows 10 Preview Edition! Enter the NEW Start Menu!
October 21, 2014 By Directions Training
Yep, that's right, the future of the desktop, laptop, and tablet is here in a Preview edition. Click Here to check out a Windows 10 Preview! You can sign up to be a Microsoft Insider and get your very own Windows 10 Preview Edition, Click Here! We hope you enjoyed …