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The 70-533, 70-532 and 70-535 exams helped you become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert in the cloud but they weren’t just focused on the cloud. Microsoft has a whole new round of certification paths with Azure and Office 365 in 2019. What Microsoft is calling Role-based Certifications. You can study to take the The AZ-100 and AZ-101 exams to become an Azure Administrator and then study to take AZ-300 and AZ-301 to become an Azure Architect. There is also the DevOps Exam track now.  These exams are now focused on the products and services which entail the tasks of each role. If you are already certified in Azure, there are transition exams you can take like AZ-102 to be an Azure Administrator and AZ-302 for Azure Architect, but no transition exams for existing Office 365 certifications.

Because of the content changes in course ware from a standard five day course like 20533 to now modular one day courses that can be delivered in any order, you get a more specific focus of the service tiers within Azure like SAAS, PAAS and IAAS.  The advanced subjects and development tasks that were in the 20533 course now for the Azure Admin are in the Architect courses. For instance, I did not see any container questions in the Admin exams. Graphic below shows the Azure Admin Path.

Microsoft 365 Certification Paths

Courses for AZ-100 – Azure Infrastructure and Deployment:

  • AZ-100T01: Managing Azure Subscriptions and Resources

  • AZ-100T02: Implementing and Managing Storage

  • AZ-100T03: Deploying and Managing Virtual Machines

  • AZ-100T04: Configure and Manage Virtual Networks

  • AZ-100T05: Manage Identities

Courses for AZ-101 Azure Integration and Security:

These new Azure Admin courses are more extensive in the individual areas of study like cost analysis, tracking, billing, access reviews and auditing. They still maintain focus on the Major areas of Azure like Web Apps, Storage, Virtual Networking, Virtual Machines and Identity Management.  Look over and search on the skills measured for:

AZ-100 – Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment
AZ-101 – Microsoft Azure Integration and Security
AZ-102 – Transition from 70-533

DevOps has a new Track here. AZ-400

If you’re going to study for the Azure Architect track you will be doing more advanced subjects like coding, visual studio.  Another focus I like is on all the migrations of access, discover and optimize along with all the backup and recovery scenarios. If you are not a developer as I am, you will have to dive into the different patterns and micro-services Azure offers, try and build some simple apps from examples. Look over and search on the skills measured for:

AZ-300 – Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies
AZ-301 – Microsoft Azure Architect Design
AZ-302 – Transition from 70-535

Microsoft 365 Certification Paths

Courses for AZ-300 – Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies:

  • AZ-300T01: Deploying and Configuring Infrastructure

  • AZ-300T02: Implementing Workloads and Security

  • AZ-300T03: Understanding Cloud Architect Technology Solutions

  • AZ-300T04: Creating and Deploying Apps

  • AZ-300T05: Implementing Authentication and Secure Data

  • AZ-300T06: Developing for the Cloud

Courses for AZ-301 – Microsoft Azure Architect Design:

  • AZ-301T01: Designing for Identity and Security

  • AZ-301T02: Designing a Data Platform Solution

  • AZ-301T03: Design for Deployment, Migration, and Integration

  • AZ-301T04: Designing an Infrastructure Strategy

The Microsoft Office 365 track has a series of new courses as well.

Courses for MS-100 – Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements:

Exam for Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert: MS-100 – Microsoft 365 Identity and Services

Courses for MS-101 Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security:

  • MS-101T01: Microsoft 365 Security Management

  • MS-101T02: Microsoft 365 Compliance Management

  • MS-101T03: Microsoft 365 Device Management

Exam for Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert: MS-101 – Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security

Other Offerings might still be in Beta: Exam Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate: MD-100 – Windows 10 and MD-101 – Managing Modern Desktops

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