The original Microsoft Outlook dates back to 1997 and since its initial release, the e-mail application went through 10 different versions. It is impossible to imagine operating a successful business without a program like this; one that allows us to stay connected and organized with our email, calendar, and contacts all in one place and functioning in synchronization.

Whether you are organizing meetings, planning your schedule, or staying in touch with your co-workers and business partners, a good understanding of Microsoft Outlook and its features is essential.

Here are the 3 most important reasons why Microsoft Outlook is the right choice for your enterprise

  • It is very commonly used in business
    It has a lot of integrated functionality and productivity tools (such as contact and calendar features) which is especially appealing to business. Due to the very high number of business users, it further simplifies communication which adds to the overall business efficiency.

  • It is well organized
    Not all users organize their e-mails in the same way, and this can be an issue with other software that has limited methods in terms of message organization. With Microsoft Outlook, there is a great folder system available that helps you filter and prioritize your messages to your liking. Additionally, it is easy to label and find messages through keyboard commands and simplify the process of sending, receiving or forwarding them. Everything can be done according to your selected criteria.

  • It has numerous useful features
    Microsoft Outlook is a lot more than just a messaging service application. It can be used for setting up meetings, finding information about contacts and managing calendars, just to name a few. All of it is achieved through simple navigation and keyboard commands thus enhancing interoffice productivity.


As becoming familiar with this application can significantly contribute and increase efficiency in the workplace, we created an excellent way to dive into the world of Outlook.

Our Microsoft Outlook 2016 Core Essentials course introduces students to the Microsoft Outlook interface and helps them get acquainted with its various elements: creating and sending messages, managing contacts, using the calendar, managing tasks, and working with notes.

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