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We as a Microsoft Training partner here have to deal with this, but we thought you as students and professionals may run across this issue at some point as well. If you’ve ever had the need to clone (ghost / acronis / WDS , etc…) a hyper-v server 2008 host you may have notice that after a successful deployment Hyper-V is broken!

You may see an error message like “The virtual machine could not be started because the Hypervisor is not running”

This warning is in my event log on boot:

Event 5: Hyper-V launch aborted due to auto-launch being disabled in the registry.

This obviously alarms you since you see that the Hyper-V role is installed as it appears in system manager! The LONG way to resolve this would be to remove and re-add the Hyper-V role to your host server. Not a simple or short process of any sort. The faster way is to fix what our good friend Sysprep did to us! Not only did it “Generalize” the machine as we asked it to remove SID and activation info, it has also messed up our hypervisor settings! There has been some debate recently since the Man, the Myth, the legend Mark Russinovich himself published THIS blog post on the usefulness these days of Sysprep. Heck he’s the guy who CREATED it, he should know ?!

The fast way to resolve this is from an Administrative Command prompt and type the following ..

bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto

Chad Solarz

Sr. Technical Instructor


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