The history of Microsoft Teams began in early 2017. Teams quickly gained popularity is currently being used by businesses and organizations all over the world.
The application was designed to bring together conversations, online meetings and file collaboration. It has everything that the online training process needs.

What Makes Microsoft Teams a Great Education App?

Microsoft Teams is a powerful online educational tool. The reality is, Microsoft Teams has a lot to offer to teachers and students. 

  • effective learning
  • engagement
  • easy access to learning materials
  • face-to-face connections and activities
  • all in one place

It’s pretty easy to collaborate with students via Microsoft Teams. The platform gives you an opportunity to build a community of members. The platform allows you to unite up to 300 students.

Who Uses Microsoft Teams Application

The platform makes it easy for teachers to organize classrooms, assign tasks and share files with students. People who use Microsoft Teams for educational purposes fall into two different categories. These include:   

  1. Business professionals who use the app for managing teams and training employees.
  2. Educational specialists (teachers, tutors, instructors) who use the app for teaching students.    

Teams allow users to create a remote meeting, organize a classroom and do many other similar things.

Teachers find it easy to provide users with the personalized guidance and effective learning. Students who use Microsoft Teams for learning online have easy access to class materials.

Key Features of Microsoft Teams for Online Training

Microsoft Teams has many great features that make the online educational process simple.

These include:

  • assignments
  • screen sharing
  • raise your hand
  • together modes for online classes
  • presentations and discussions
  • breakout rooms
  • custom background
  • and others

The platform offers lots of built-in tools such as:

  • a PowerPoint presentation tool
  • a tool for creating quizzes and surveys
  • Microsoft’s video hosting tool, known as Stream
  • teams meeting for live training
  • a note-taking tool

Top Benefits of Using Microsoft Teams for Online Training

Microsoft Teams delivers many significant benefits to teachers and learners. Let’s dig deeper into the most important advantages of the platform for online training.

  • Microsoft Teams are an easy-to-use online educational solution.
  • Microsoft Teams can easily be integrated with outside applications.
  • Microsoft Teams provide learners with a lot of flexibility. Teachers find it easy to organize students as well as topics, create online training classes and provide effective training online.
  • It’s also important to note that the application has been developed with a user’s convenience in mind. Microsoft Teams is a mobile-friendly platform. That means that students, as well as teachers, can use it to get online training on different types of mobile devices. Microsoft Teams work successfully on all types of iPhones, iPads, tablets, etc.
  • Microsoft takes the problems of authentication very seriously and takes all the necessary actions to keep the application secure. The platform is protected with industry-leading security technologies.

Get the Most Out Of Microsoft Teams

Whether you are a student or a teacher, you should consider using Microsoft Teams to see if it works for you. 

There is no doubt that you’ll be able to benefit from Microsoft Teams and achieve better results in online training once you discover the benefits of the platform.

If you would like to discover the benefits of using Microsoft Teams for educational purposes, contact us and get started on your own Microsoft Teams training. At Directions Training, we offer customized online learning solutions for people who are interested in mastering Microsoft technologies.