In November of 2018, a home building materials manufacturer was migrating to a new phone system that would be utilizing Microsoft Teams. In order to ensure a high user adoption rate, the systems integrator working with the organization partnered with Directions Training to provide cost-effective training and change management that supported their technology investment.

After an introductory meeting, the organization met with one of Directions’ instructors/subject matter experts. As with most new engagements, Directions conducted an in-depth training assessment for the company. The purpose of the assessment was two-fold. First, it helped Directions better understand their personalized training interests and needs. Next, it uncovered what their training should be primarily focused on – conferencing and calling with Microsoft Teams.

Moving forward, Directions conducted on-site training at four different locations for 500 users. Virtual sessions were also provided for remote employees. To keep home building materials manufacturer’s employees interested and entertained, the instructor used engaging teaching tactics. He challenged the employees, taught them how to use the technology and explained the ‘why,’ which ensured the end-users felt comfortable, capable, and self-reliant using Teams.

After the formal training was completed, the Directions’ instructor provided continuous learning and support via walking the floor of the company’s office to check on anyone who may have been struggling, give extra assistance, and have one-on-one meetings for those who had more in-depth questions. At the completion of the training and change management, all end-users had successfully and effectively adopted Microsoft Teams as their primary collaboration tool. To help with knowledge retention, users were given quick reference cards (QRC).

End users were able to successfully adopt Teams as their primary collaboration tool leading to higher user satisfaction and reduced IT support calls.

# of End-Users Trained:

  • 500

Training Solution Included:

  • Provided custom role-based training in step with their migration
  • Developed custom training content for 4 different session types
  • Teams Essentials + Conferencing + Telephony
  • Teams Advanced
  • Delivered onsite Instructor-Led Training at 4 different locations
  • Provided virtual sessions for remote employees
  • Custom Quick Reference Cards (QRC)
  • Provided continuous learning & support


  • Successful end-user adoption of Teams
  • Higher user satisfaction
  • Reduced IT support calls