Microsoft Software Assurance is a beneficial program to both Licensing Solution Providers (LSPs) and their customers due to the advantages Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATVs) provide. SATVs not only reduce training costs, provide deployment support, and improve productivity, but they are also proven to increase customer satisfaction, thereby improving the chances of your customer renewing their license and returning to their LSP when new products are released. There is only one obstacle to this scenario: SATVs expire. When SATVs are not used, customers may never fully appreciate the capabilities of their Microsoft technologies.

We Partner with LSPs

All too often, LSPs are unable to continuously remind customers about the free training vouchers they received with their Microsoft licenses. To alleviate this challenge, Directions Training partners with LSPs to help them consolidate available SATVs and provide customers with a trustworthy training source. By teaming with Directions, we are able to implement complete training solutions for your customers so they can maximize the benefits of the software assurance program.

Software Assurance Training Vouchers

Directions strives to ensure that no training voucher ever expires and encourages customers to utilize their Software Assurance Training Vouchers in order to increase the adoption of their new technology. LSP partners benefit from voucher redemption with Directions Training in more ways than one: customers who are satisfied with maximizing their use of Software Assurance benefits are much more likely to renew their agreements with their LSPs, utilizing training benefits leads to increased customer consumption, and LSPs can receive significant referral bonuses.

If your customers’ Software Assurance benefits are being unused or approaching expiration, Directions Training is your source to provide a unique learning and adoption program to ensure they maximize their technology investment.

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