Independent Software Vendors

Today’s technologies are becoming more complex at each development with a combination of products and services from multiple vendors. Shifts in technology trends such as implementing cloud technology, heightened security frameworks, and operating over multiple devices demands a greater attention to detail from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Whether developing from a hardware, software, or cloud platform, Directions Training offers two paths for ISVs to expand their software offerings and increase adoption of their technology: by providing customized training of your technology and coupling our products and services in a total solution package.

Customized Training Solution

Directions has the skill set and instructor base capable of learning your unique technology and delivering training of your product to your clients. For over 20 years, Directions Training has provided custom fit training solutions based on the unique needs of organizations, government entities, and individuals. Each of our customers are given dedicated attention from Directions’ Project Managers who are able to tailor training solutions that fit diverse budgets, schedules, and business objectives. Through our Just-In-Time, Just-Enough-Training (JIT, JET) approach, we provide targeted training specific to each organization’s unique environment and each employee’s job role, from basic end-user to the IT Professional.

Not only do we focus on the customer solution, but we also emphasize training for your internal employees and staff in order to maximize efficiency and increase your return on investment. With flexible learning options, state-of-the-art delivery methods, numerous language preferences, experienced instructors, and complete dedication to our partners, Directions Training has the capabilities to customize your learning to fit your unique needs. By training your internal staff, you are able to cut down on training hours and increase your competitive advantage, all while increasing productivity and maximizing your business capabilities.

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Expand Your Technology Offering

In addition to providing customized training for your clients and employees, Directions offers ISVs the opportunity to partner together and couple our product and service offerings to maximize your competitive advantage. With continuous development of today’s fast-moving technologies, expansion to a new product brings additional responsibilities to educate and train your end-users on relevant information. Directions Training has a wide range of course offerings dedicated to specific topics, vendors, and job roles in order to help our students succeed. By pairing our course offerings with your technology, your end-users are able to increase their proficiency and maximize their effectiveness.

To learn about how you can take advantage of complementary training for your staff and the benefits of being an ISV partner, contact or call us at 855.575.8900.

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