Have you recently purchased a Software Volume Licensing Agreement with Microsoft? If so, you may have Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATVs) that can be redeemed for live, instructor-led technical training. SATVs make it feasible for organizations to provide professional training to several employees who can, in turn, fully utilize new tools and technology. If you are unsure whether you have SATVs, click here to view our step by step guide.

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SATVs are a great resource because of the many benefits they carry, including:

Redeem SATVs with Directions Training

The only downside to SATVs is that they do expire. If SATVs go unused, IT Professionals may never truly appreciate the capabilities of their technologies. At Directions Training, we work with organizations that have SATVs to create custom fit training solutions that include free, live instructor-led learning opportunities and convenient training schedules. This allows companies to maximize the return on their technology investments by equipping their employees with the skills they need to be more productive and efficient in their roles.

Benefits of Redeeming SATVs

Directions Training offers unique benefits to organizations and government entities that want to redeem SATVs with us. Some of these benefits include:

Don’t leave thousands of dollars in free training and other benefits on the table, make the most of your technology investment by redeeming your SATVs with Directions Training and ensure no training voucher ever expires. To take advantage of your Software Assurance Training Vouchers, contact us or call us at 855.575.8900.

Click here if you are a Licensing Solution Provider (LSP) interested in learning about the referral benefits you can earn when your customers commit their SATVs with Directions.

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