Training Credits/Vouchers

Directions Training has partnered with many of our technology vendors and are authorized to accept training credits and eligible vouchers to maximize your learning potential. Training credits and vouchers make it feasible for organizations to provide professional training to several employees who can, in turn, fully utilize new tools and technology. These are a great resource because of the many benefits they carry, including:

Microsoft Training Vouchers

Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATVs) are packaged with the purchase of a Software Volume Licensing Agreement with Microsoft and can be redeemed for live, instructor-led technical training. Directions works directly with organizations that have SATVs to create custom-fit training solutions that include free learning opportunities and convenient training schedules, allowing you to maximize the return on your technology investment by equipping your employees with the skills they need to be more productive and efficient in their roles. Click here to learn more about SATVs and the benefits of redeeming them with Directions Training.

Cisco Learning Credits

Cisco Learning Credits are prepaid training dollars that offer an easy way to cover the cost of authorized Cisco training while maximizing the return on your technology investment. By including training as part of your total network solution, you ensure that employees become more familiar with new technology, thereby increasing productivity and accelerating your rate of adoption. Click here to learn more about Cisco and a list of the available courses offered.

Citrix Education Vouchers

Take advantage of cost savings and eliminate administrative tasks by purchasing Citrix Education Vouchers that enable you to bundle training with certification and maximize your technology investment. Citrix vouchers can be used to purchase any authorized Citrix course offered by Directions Training.

VMWare Credits

VMware Credits provide a cost-effective and flexible way to purchase additional VMware training by budgeting for learning upfront as part of your technology strategy. Credits can be applied toward future purchases in order to accelerate the order process and eliminate the uncertainty of planning for a new technology.

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