SQL Server Automatic Query Tuning

December 9th, 2018|

Dog Trace Files Slowing You Down? If Dog Slow Trace Files in SQL Server Profiler are slowing you down – try today's new and improved SQL Server Automatic Query Tuning and show DETA out the door. In SQL Server 2016 the Query Store [...]

The Office Guy: Command Buttons

November 30th, 2018|

Where Are My Command Buttons?! From the Office Guy mailbag: Q: Hey Guy, I work in most of the Microsoft Office applications and from time to time I lose sight of the command buttons at the top of my screen. This can [...]


November 30th, 2018|

(How to Steal Your Audience's Attention) Here is the funny thing about the mind about how we learn and relate things. If we are told not to do something or even not to think of something, all our mind wants to do is [...]

A Look at Microsoft Intune

November 25th, 2018|

What Microsoft Intune Can Do for You Security in a cloud-first, mobile-first world calls for a new approach. Using Microsoft Intune, organizations can provide their employees with access to corporate applications, data, and resources from virtually anywhere on almost any device while keeping [...]

Get Wired with a Microsoft Certification

November 13th, 2018|

Why a Microsoft Certification? Why should IT professionals and their companies endeavor to obtain a Microsoft technical certification? A certification benefits both the individual and the employer. Microsoft Certifications provide individuals with the skills needed to qualify for six-figure salaries. Career experts agree [...]

So You Want to Secure Your Data

October 30th, 2018|

So, you want to better protect your sensitive information—anytime, anywhere? Use Azure Information Protection. So, you want to secure your data. There are 4 pillars in today’s environment that we should be looking at to have a holistic security approach. The [...]

Windows 10

October 22nd, 2018|

How to Fix the Windows 10 Task View The Windows 10 task view is one of my favorite features of Windows 10. It is a feature I never realized I wanted until it arrived. What I like most about this feature is that it [...]