Microsoft Word Web App

February 27th, 2019|

More Notes from the "Office Guy" Q: Hey Guy, I’ve been working in the Word Web App (online version of Word) for a while, but recently (and without any notice) I looked at the top of my screen and noticed that the appearance [...]

Power BI Service

February 5th, 2019|

Publish Your Analysis and Presentations to the Cloud... Power BI is really two separate programs. One implementation is the Power BI Desktop where in-depth Data Manipulation, Analysis and Reporting Operations are created and the second is the Power BI Service which enables Power [...]

Microsoft’s ‘AutoSave’ Feature

January 15th, 2019|

What is it and Why is it There? More notes from the Office Guy… Q: Hey Guy, I’ve been using Office 2016 for a while, but last week I looked up in the upper left-hand corner of Word and noticed there was [...]

The Office Guy: Printing Spreadsheets

December 17th, 2018|

Printing Spreadsheets Easily From the Office Guy mailbag: Q: Hey, Office Guy: I often have to print spreadsheets that only have 6 to 8 columns and more often than not I end up with just one or two columns printing on a [...]

Security During the Holiday Season

December 13th, 2018|

'Tis the Season of Scams Ah yes, the holiday season is upon us. Time to open our hearts and wallets to show our love and charity. Also, the perfect time to get ripped off. Scammers are very aggressive around the holidays because they [...]