Azure is best known as Microsoft’s cloud platform, but don’t mistake it for a mere storage center. Microsoft Azure offers several integrated services that are both managed and unmanaged, meaning businesses have the opportunity to build and deploy apps according to their needs and preferences. Other Azure benefits include hybrid capabilities, which combine data center and public cloud storage. Beyond its comprehensive capabilities, Azure has several features that make the cloud optimal for business use. One of these features is Site to Site VPN.

Azure Hybrid Connectivity – Site to Site VPN 

Rich Lilly over at our partner Project Leadership Associates put together a fantastic video on Site to Site VPN’s in Azure. If you’re not familiar with this idea, a Site to Site VPN allows  you to connect your on-premise Active Directory environment to your Azure cloud environment. It’s pretty keen, and what most of us will do as we move up into that big cloud apartment in the sky—er, I mean data center—oh you know what I mean!

Just watch Rich’s video here: