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Your Password is Weak and Everybody Knows It


Someone Had to Say It Passwords. It seems like we have to change them all the time. They are a pain in the butt to create on the spot and to remember. It also seems every place you create a password they have all their own rules. Upper case this, special character that, and my favorite, it must contain multiple numbers. Bah! How to Get Hacked Picture a hacker you’ve seen in a movie jamming away on a keyboard in a dark room cast in the glow from the computer screen. And after a brief moment the [...]

Your Password is Weak and Everybody Knows It2019-03-19T21:24:41-05:00

Microsoft Word Web App


More Notes from the "Office Guy" Q: Hey Guy, I’ve been working in the Word Web App (online version of Word) for a while, but recently (and without any notice) I looked at the top of my screen and noticed that the appearance of the command buttons on the top of the screen had changed. I also didn’t see every button that I was used to seeing. What gives? A: Well, once again, Microsoft has made a change to the appearance of the screen to better manage what I like to call screen real estate. As more [...]

Microsoft Word Web App2019-03-20T17:36:14-05:00

Power BI Service


Publish Your Analysis and Presentations to the Cloud... Power BI is really two separate programs. One implementation is the Power BI Desktop where in-depth Data Manipulation, Analysis and Reporting Operations are created and the second is the Power BI Service which enables Power BI Publishing to both the Enterprise and Internet Cloud. They work together to provide an unparalleled analysis and reporting experience. The Power BI Desktop application is the tool used to perform the all-important Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) operations. Most of the editing of Power BI Presentations is done with the Power BI Desktop application where [...]

Power BI Service2019-03-20T17:36:53-05:00

New Azure and Microsoft 365 Certification Paths


Azure & M365 The 70-533, 70-532 and 70-535 exams helped you become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert in the cloud but they weren’t just focused on the cloud. Microsoft has a whole new round of certification paths with Azure and Office 365 in 2019. What Microsoft is calling Role-based Certifications. You can study to take the The AZ-100 and AZ-101 exams to become an Azure Administrator and then study to take AZ-300 and AZ-301 to become an Azure Architect. There is also the DevOps Exam track now.  These exams are now focused on the products and services which entail [...]

New Azure and Microsoft 365 Certification Paths2019-03-20T17:32:41-05:00

Microsoft’s ‘AutoSave’ Feature


What is it and Why is it There? More notes from the Office Guy… Q: Hey Guy, I’ve been using Office 2016 for a while, but last week I looked up in the upper left-hand corner of Word and noticed there was an “AutoSave” button on my Quick Access toolbar. I did not put it there, so I’m wondering where this came from. Can you please explain this? A: Well, first I’d like to congratulate you on actually noticing something tucked away in a corner of the screen! As an instructor I always tell my students [...]

Microsoft’s ‘AutoSave’ Feature2019-03-20T17:33:59-05:00

As the Cloud Moves Forward, We Move with It


Moving Forward with the Cloud OK, let me see, I’ve been doing this since NT 4.0. Way back when you had to buy the whole app, then install it and the cloud wasn’t a thing yet. Although it was represented in Visio drawings as the same thing it is today, the Internet. You do not need to install apps if you don’t want too like Visio anymore, it is available for 5 bucks a month using it through the Browser. The WAN or Wide Area Network has branched out too. Still, endpoints connected through the cloud (Internet) are interconnected [...]

As the Cloud Moves Forward, We Move with It2019-03-20T17:26:44-05:00

The Office Guy: Printing Spreadsheets


Printing Spreadsheets Easily From the Office Guy mailbag: Q: Hey, Office Guy: I often have to print spreadsheets that only have 6 to 8 columns and more often than not I end up with just one or two columns printing on a separate sheet. I know I can set page breaks but often end up making the problem worse. Is there a fast way to take care of this? A: I’ve often said that Excel is one of the trickier applications to print from. Let’s face it, in a Word document the way the document looks [...]

The Office Guy: Printing Spreadsheets2019-03-20T17:27:42-05:00

Security During the Holiday Season


'Tis the Season of Scams Ah yes, the holiday season is upon us. Time to open our hearts and wallets to show our love and charity. Also, the perfect time to get ripped off. Scammers are very aggressive around the holidays because they know how to play us against ourselves. In the digital age it has never been easier. In this post I’ll go over a couple of the most common ploys to separate you from your money, your data, and your sanity. Here is my scam naughty list. Fake coupons! You open your social media [...]

Security During the Holiday Season2019-03-20T17:30:22-05:00

SQL Server Automatic Query Tuning


Dog Trace Files Slowing You Down? If Dog Slow Trace Files in SQL Server Profiler are slowing you down – try today's new and improved SQL Server Automatic Query Tuning and show DETA out the door. In SQL Server 2016 the Query Store was introduced and made a huge difference in assisting in monitoring and understanding what’s happening in SQL. If you are running SQL Server 2016 and you have enabled the Query Store, a feature that captures compile time and run time statistics of T-SQL statements being executed, the data being collected and held for analysis can help [...]

SQL Server Automatic Query Tuning2019-03-20T17:29:20-05:00

The Office Guy: Command Buttons


Where Are My Command Buttons?! From the Office Guy mailbag: Q: Hey Guy, I work in most of the Microsoft Office applications and from time to time I lose sight of the command buttons at the top of my screen. This can be very frustrating. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a flaw in the application? A: You’re not the first person who has had issues with this, so let’s start with the short answer. It’s not that you’re doing anything wrong but is has to with how you are using your mouse. Sometimes [...]

The Office Guy: Command Buttons2019-03-20T17:23:08-05:00



(How to Steal Your Audience's Attention) Here is the funny thing about the mind about how we learn and relate things. If we are told not to do something or even not to think of something, all our mind wants to do is think of what we are told not to. Here is an example; think of perfect red apple. Think of its shape, it's color, and its size. Maybe even think about what it might taste like. Get a good picture in your mind and when you are ready read on. NOW STOP! Do not think of that [...]

DO NOT READ THIS POST!2019-03-20T17:38:43-05:00

A Look at Microsoft Intune


What Microsoft Intune Can Do for You Security in a cloud-first, mobile-first world calls for a new approach. Using Microsoft Intune, organizations can provide their employees with access to corporate applications, data, and resources from virtually anywhere on almost any device while keeping corporate data secure. With the proliferation of cloud computing and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) scenarios, IT has changed the way it manages devices and applications, allowing employees to work from just about anywhere. Microsoft Intune provides mobile device management, mobile application management, and PC management capabilities from the cloud. Policies can be applied to determine [...]

A Look at Microsoft Intune2019-03-20T17:21:38-05:00

Why It’s Time to Move Your On-Premise ERP to the Cloud


Make the Move Why is now a good time to move your on-premise resources to the cloud?  Well first and foremost, if you’ve decided to move to the cloud but are waiting for the right time, that time has come. There are many cloud service providers to choose from these days:  Amazon Webs Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Services, Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider just to name a few of the bigger players in the cloud market. Second, most of the cloud service providers have matured, stabilized and proven themselves as reliable and [...]

Why It’s Time to Move Your On-Premise ERP to the Cloud2019-03-20T17:24:04-05:00

Get Wired with a Microsoft Certification


Why a Microsoft Certification? Why should IT professionals and their companies endeavor to obtain a Microsoft technical certification? A certification benefits both the individual and the employer. Microsoft Certifications provide individuals with the skills needed to qualify for six-figure salaries. Career experts agree that there are numerous opportunities in the IT industry and that high pay is demanded by those with a proven set of skills. With Microsoft certifications, you are more likely to be able to take advantage of these opportunities. More businesses than ever before are now directly affected by technology. From small to midsized business to [...]

Get Wired with a Microsoft Certification2019-03-20T17:24:55-05:00

So You Want to Secure Your Data


So, you want to better protect your sensitive information—anytime, anywhere? Use Azure Information Protection. So, you want to secure your data. There are 4 pillars in today’s environment that we should be looking at to have a holistic security approach. The login identity. The applications in use. The devices users use to access applications and data. The actual data. If users are not applying the proper login security and application lock downs or using device encryption, then the last resort is the classification and labeling of your data according to your [...]

So You Want to Secure Your Data2019-03-20T17:19:21-05:00

Windows 10


How to Fix the Windows 10 Task View The Windows 10 task view is one of my favorite features of Windows 10. It is a feature I never realized I wanted until it arrived. What I like most about this feature is that it allows me to take a virtual step back from my PC and see all my open windows in a simplified view. I can quickly switch between open applications and manage them, and create additional desktops and divide my workload across multiple virtual desktops. I can move an app from one desktop to another just by dragging [...]

Windows 102019-03-20T17:17:23-05:00

The Office Guy Mailbag


An Introduction Well, greetings to all of you in cyberspace and welcome to the first installment of the Office Guy Mailbag. Before I go into the details about what the mailbag is and how I’ll hope it works, please allow me to introduce myself – The Office Guy. You may be wondering what qualifies me as The Office Guy – is it the fact that I’m a guy who works in an office? No, far from it. What it means is that over the course of the last 22 years, I have been teaching all the products in the [...]

The Office Guy Mailbag2019-03-20T17:14:55-05:00

PowerShell 6.0 and Later


PowerShell Core Microsoft recently released a new edition of PowerShell, known as PowerShell Core.  PowerShell Core is quite different from Windows PowerShell in multiple ways. First and foremost, PowerShell Core is a cross-platform, meaning that it can run on Windows, Linux and macOS. Second, it is built on .NET Core, whereas Windows PowerShell was built on .NET Framework. It was necessary to move away from the .NET Framework in order to provide the cross-platform interoperability. The latest (and probably last) version of Windows PowerShell is 5.1. PowerShell Core currently has versions 6.0 and 6.1. Due to the [...]

PowerShell 6.0 and Later2019-03-20T17:20:30-05:00

Personal Computer Security 101


On Dogs, Fish, and Bugs Beware as in be aware The first rule of PC security is to understand that there are bad actors out there waiting to take advantage of the unsuspecting user. It may just be time for you to become suspicious. You are only as safe as your password If you are keeping your passwords safely cached on that sticky note on the bottom of your keyboard, you may wish to implement best practices for password protection. Anti-social behavior Social Networking has become a fertile environment for both the Good and [...]

Personal Computer Security 1012019-03-20T17:14:09-05:00

Azure and Office 365


What Groups Are You in in Azure and Office 365? It’s nice to keep track of what groups you are in on the network or in the cloud. You may not even know and IT may also not know without a through scan. Also, if your company allows end user creation of groups in Microsoft 365, or creating Team sites you can wind up with allot of groups. You can get lost in the mix. Azure has Access Reviews that we can trigger as an evaluation so users can determine their group associations and provide feedback to help control [...]

Azure and Office 3652019-03-20T17:35:09-05:00

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