LEAD102 – The Leadership Imperative: An “Unofficial” Leader’s Roadmap

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Effective leadership and effective management complement each other in leading to optimum performance, ahead-of-the-curve results, engaged employees, and well-satisfied customers. Any successful organization reaps the rewards of strong and decisive leadership – not only from ownership, the executive suite, and management teams, but also from the rank-and-file. In today’s lean organizations, workers at every level are being called upon to provide leadership – from assuming a lead role for a project or work group to helping others manage everyday issues and change. Leveraging knowledge and skills through others is now a competency for many, if not most, roles. The Leadership Imperative class focuses on helping the non-manager identify and develop individual or group leadership and management skills. Theory, practical exercises, discussion, and the application of proven and effective leadership/management principles to real world business situations combine to provide a foundation for participants looking to improve results and engagement through effective leadership. Designed for public or private sector professionals serving in roles not traditionally or specifically identified with leader/manager responsibilities; individuals entering into a leadership or manager role for the first time will also benefit from this class.

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