COM101 – Critical Thinking

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You make solid decisions and solve tough problems at work. But, how do you explain your rationale and strategy to your peers, boss, or customers? Elucidating your critical thinking process will create buy-in and enhance your reputation as a thought leader in your organization. Employees who can analyze and reason consistently are an invaluable resource. Applied critical thinking skills provide an essential foundation for all effective planning, problem-solving, and decision-making activities. Critical thinkers are a competitive advantage because they are skeptical of quick fixes and operational dogma. They generate productive ideas and are intellectually competent to forge new direction. This course introduces the basic concepts, features, and skills associated with critical thinking. You will understand the role of critical thinking in today’s global workplace. You will learn how showing competency in strategic thinking through decision-making and problem solving will enhance your image as a thought leader in your organization. You’ll be able to demonstrate your rational approach for the decisions you make and problems you solve, and learn new methods for facilitating innovation.

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