9012 – Foundations for Outstanding Leadership

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While leadership’s primary tasks are viewed as the proficient and productive directing of others and the ability to effectively plan and organize, there are additional qualities and skill sets utilized by the most successful of business leaders – whether at the corporate, division, group, or department level. Qualities such as integrity and values, charisma and self-awareness, perseverance and perception, and skills in communicating with impact, identifying opportunities, and enabling others are a part of the resume of our best corporate leaders. Outstanding leadership comes from a broad-based and deep understanding of how individuals and teams respond to both challenge and direction. Understanding the nature and principles of true leadership is relatively simple; the far greater challenge is to put these concepts to work. The Foundations for Outstanding Leadership workshop is designed to assist participants in deepening their understanding of the qualities of great leaders and discovering ways to enhance and more effectively leverage the leadership skills and qualities they already possess. Content includes the process of defining leadership, a review of components of effective leadership, exercises for discovering existing leader skills and qualities, and discussion about putting learning into action.

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