9011 – Maximizing Your Employee ROI: A Performance Management Instruction Manual

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From the C-suite to the factory floor, from the highest achieving and most engaging team member to the very challenging and low-performing individual, every organization has an investment in each and every one of their employees. The success of the business at all levels depends on the performance of each person. Companies and teams often struggle with finding an effective way to manage a diverse group of employees across a broad spectrum of locations, issues, and objectives. Organizations consistently at the top of their fields have discovered ways to maximize the return of their investment in all employees. Understanding how to motivate and focus employees on key goals and objectives is a critical skill set; implementing and managing an effective process to capitalize on the employee investment is a necessary component of today’s top performing organizations. A winning strategy for performance management includes methods for improving the ROI on all employees. The Managing Your Employee ROI workshop builds on some very simple and common sense principles and tactics that every business, manager, and supervisor can deploy to help keep all their employees performing at or above expectations.

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