9007 – Safely Resolving Workplace Conflict & Confrontation

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Effectively dealing with conflict or confrontation that arise at work requires planning, patience, and understanding. Although conflict and confrontation are to be expected any time people are working together, there are seldom more difficult challenges for most people at work. Some employees will avoid conflict or confrontation at all costs while other workers seem to relish the opportunity to raise voice, anxiety, and tension. In addition to the discomfort such situations bring, conflict and/or confrontation at work often lead to increased absenteeism, a downturn in productivity, unnecessary turnover, and a negative impact on morale. The Safely Resolving Workplace Conflict and Confrontation workshop is designed to help employees at all levels constructively resolve conflicts and minimize the negative impacts of confrontation. Theory, real-work examples and practical methods for dealing with conflict and confrontation are blended to provide understanding and tools which can help turn challenge into opportunity.

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