9003 – Overcoming Barriers to Success: Critical Communication Skills

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Many of today’s serious issues within and between organizations are the result of poor communication practices. Each day, every member of every organization relies on communication – the written word (paper or electronic) as well as the spoken word. Toss in the non-verbal or recorded aspects of our efforts to communicate, plus the fact that each individual carries their own preferences and styles for receiving and delivering key messages, and it’s easy to see how communication can go awry. The growing number of tools at our disposal for sharing information also requires that we learn and understand new “language.” All of this making the simple act of communicating with others more challenging than ever before. The Overcoming Barriers to Success workshop is designed to assist participants in identifying and removing the obstacles which complicate communication in the marketplace today. Content includes a review of communication basics and styles, methods for discovering potential barriers to effective communication, and ways to minimize the risk of challenges when communicating with peers, leaders, clients, and subordinates.

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