The Directions Approach

Our goal at Directions Training is to equip users with the tools they need to learn new technology in order to fully adopt it and become more productive, resulting in a full return on investment. We accomplish this by using our D4 Approach.


  • Identify current state and key stakeholders
  • Define desired state
  • Present scope of project
  • Assess gaps and needs                   


  • Project planning and instructional design
  • Launch pilot demos
  • Establish communication requirements
  • Develop schedule


  • Reveal training plans
  • Communicate benefits
  • Deliver training
  • Provide post-learning resources                                                  


  • Measure participant satisfaction
  • Support learning
  • Monitor adoption success
  • Evaluate success and ROI                   

Customization & Curriculum Development

Directions Training is a leader in custom-fit training based on the unique needs of organizations, government entities, and individuals. Each of our customers are given dedicated attention from Directions’ Account Executives who are able to tailor training solutions that fit diverse budgets, schedules, and business objectives. Through our Just-In-Time, Just-Enough-Training (JIT, JET) approach, we provide targeted training specific to each organization’s unique environment and each employee’s job role, from basic end-user to the IT Professional.

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